Ryan Steed is a data scientist, project manager, and student. He is studying Computational Economics at The George Washington University after graduating from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in 2017. He is also a Technology Fellow and project manager at the Innovation Center, George Washington's student startup incubator and innovation accelerator.

Curriculum Vitae

Featured Project:
Virtual Jane

The Virtual Jane project tells the story of Jane Goodall (primatologist, conservationist, and childhood hero) in a virtual reality mobile application. The GW Innovation Center is collaborating with the Jane Goodall Institute to create an immersive educational and recreation experience.

Featured Project:
Evolution of Innovation

Innovation is important to growth and welfare, and nations sponsor research and craft legislation to encourage it. But how can we measure the impact of these investments? This research measures the spread of innovation with patent citation network analysis and explores the effect of recent legislation on knowledge flows between inventions.

Featured Project:
Magic Number

Magic Number identifies trends that emerge from USPTO patent data, using machine learning modeling techniques to cluster, categorize and forecast patent trends in a number of business sectors.

Featured Project:

Interactive Web Physics Version 5 is an HTML5/JavaScript/D3 physics simulation applet built for classroom use. Build and visualize physics simulations using parametric and Euler's calculations.

Featured Project:
Star Skirmish

Star Wars meets Galaga in this arcade-style 2D space shooter, built with Java Swing GUI. Fly your X-Wing across a beautiful starscape, blasting the Death Star's TIE fighters. Turn on your sound to hear the original NAMCO Galaga soundtrack and sound effects.

Featured Project:

To communalize the fashion process, the Thisfits team is building a streamlined social media app for real-time fashion feedback and documentation. Thisfits features social feeds where friends and strangers can collaborate on outfits and pieces.