Ryan Steed

I am a researcher, data scientist, and project manager. Currently, I am a first-year PhD student at Carnegie Mellon's Heinz College of Information Systems & Public Policy. Previously, I studied Computational Economics at the George Washington University. I am also an alum of the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics.


My research interests span fair & responsible machine learning, privacy, and information economics.

My undergraduate work was advised by Aylin Caliskan, Rahul Simha, and Ben Williams.



Heuristic-Based Collective Participation

As algorithms become increasingly responsible for high-stakes decision-making, it is important for stakeholders and affected users to have influence over algorithmic policy. To lower the barrier to collective participation in ML systems, this research proposes an alternative method for incorporating stakeholder preferences in ML systems.

Evolution of Innovation

Innovation is important to growth and welfare, and nations sponsor research and craft legislation to encourage it. But how can we measure the impact of these investments? This research measures the spread of innovation with patent citation network analysis and explores the effect of recent legislation on knowledge flows between inventions.

Virtual Jane

The Virtual Jane project tells the story of Jane Goodall (primatologist, conservationist, and childhood hero) in a virtual reality mobile application. The GW Innovation Center is also developing new curriculum programs to teach young leaders to be environmental advocates.


Interactive Web Physics Version 5 is an HTML5/JavaScript/D3 physics simulation applet built for classroom use. Build and visualize physics simulations using parametric and Euler's calculations.